Game Ever! is a leading multimedia studio focused on making animation 2D, 3D, and videogames. We were born in 2010 in Buenos Aires. As we grew, we’ve consolidated as one of the top studios in Argentina, creating content for all around the world and, at the same time, developing our own independent video games and series, with excellent graphic and artistic quality.

We have an experienced team that is passionate about entertainment. And we dedicate our life to create, design and develop compelling stories, thrilling and addictive video games and beautiful animations. We believe in bold thinking and in a playful creative process. We make animations for
advertising, videoclips, miniseries, trailers and everything you could think of. We make games for every platform, having published for Android, iOS, Steam, the Web and social events.

In 2017 we branched out and released Press Over News, a gaming news site that keeps growing since its birth and consolidates Game Ever! as a cornerstone in gaming culture and media in Argentina.

We Dream. We Play. We Create.


Pablo Forconi
Pablo ForconiCEO
Founder of Game Ever!, in love with animation. He’s the leader of the group, and sets the tone for a good work environment and constant professional development. Perfectionist by nature, he’s in charge of offering quality service to the clients and produce original content at international market standards. When he was a little boy, he created the first Argentinian Web Series: El Mono Mario, since then he became more and more involved in the animation business, contributing to the development of the national industry, and thus becoming himself a referent in digital animation for series and videogames.
Diego Forconi
Diego ForconiAnimation Director
He began his career very young, working in several of the most important animation studies of the country as Encuadre S.A. or Illusion Studios. He took part of numerous animated series, advertising spots and videogames, specializing himself in 2D and 3D animation. He studied Visual Arts at UNA. At Game Ever! he’s the main guy behind the creation and development of new contents.
Gabriel Rodríguez
Gabriel RodríguezArt Director
Illustrator, fan of animated comic series for kids and adults. He specializes in character design, backgrounds, concept art, storyboards and animatics. He studies Visual Arts at UNA and has extended experience on animated series, advertising spots and videogames. At Game Ever! he’s in charge of supervising and directing all art and aesthetic decisions, always active in the process of creation, imagination and preproduction.
Joaquín Ibarlucía
Joaquín IbarlucíaKing of Code
Licenced in Multimedial Arts at UNA, he loves science, videogames and caricatures. This love took him on a journey that ended with him absolutely passionate about coding and programming. He’s the developer of the studio and specializes in AS3, Adobe AIR (Starling), Flash, Unity and HTML5. He’s in charge of directing videogames and programming tasks at the studio. His progamming art is awful but at the very least understandable. He’s proud of that… kind of.
Facundo Friquet
Facundo FriquetAnimator
Graduated from Fernando Fader School as Promotion Designer, he stands out for his strong knowledge and experience in traditional 2D animation. Enthusiast and self-learner, his always exploring new paths. He’s the vegan of the wolfpack.
Luciana Faccini
Luciana Faccini3D
With lots of years of experience in the animation business, she specializes in shading, illumination, render and composition. Her vast knowledge allow her to take part on various areas as modeling and layouts. Serious self-learner, she dominates softwares as Maya and Nuke, and render engines as Arnold and Mental Ray. Her desk is full of toys. She thinks that’s cute but it’s actually annoying for her neighbors.
Guillermo Bruno
Guillermo BrunoSound & Music Designer
Musician and composer with great ear beyond his virtuoso profile. He’s studying Music at UNTREF. At Game Ever! he’s in charge of sound design and creation, from composing SoundTracks to Sound FX and mixing. He’s also the gardener of the group, in charge of keeping our beautiful plants alive.