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Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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11 July, 2014

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The Kitten is a videogame spinoff born from the INCAA's Federal Animation Contest award winning miniseries. The videogame is a side scrolling runner, takes us on a trip to help the kitten to cross the endless desert gathering fish, using power-ups and avoiding dangers, competing with friends online for the highest record.


This is the story of an adorable kitten living on the streets of Buenos Aires. Destiny takes the little feline into a long journey until reaching the arid Patagonian desert. Lost, threatened and full of fear he starts to get guided by his instinct in order to survive. In the end he'll find in the desert the home that the city could never give him.


  • Beautiful and randomly generated environment.
  • Modern music with native melodies from the Argentinian Patagonia.
  • Adorable character delicately animated in traditional 2D techniques.
  • Diverse and fun Power-ups.
  • Leaderboards and social media sharing.


Gameplay Trailer YouTube

Miniserie Teaser YouTube, Vimeo


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (14MB)


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Disponible exclusivamente en CDA (Contenidos Digitales Abiertos). Sólo para Argentina. cda.gob.ar.

About Game Ever Studio

Game Ever! is a leading multimedia studio passionate about entertainment. They develop compelling stories, videogames and 2D and 3D animations since 2010, and export their vision from Argentina to the world.

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El Gatito / The Kitten Credits

Joaquín Ibarlucía
Coder, Game Design

Diego Forconi
2D Animator

Gabriel Rodriguez
Artist, Graphics

Lucas Bustos
Artist, Backgrounds

Pablo Forconi

Felipe De Francisco
Music, FX

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